Our products have passed the European CE safety certification, all products meet quality and safety requirements for EU countries.

  ZOTO Machinery always aims at “being world-class team, cultivating good talent and to be the best enterprises”. We will provide an extensive development space, and formulate a most scientific career planning for every employee. With the judicial and transparent romotion practice, ZOTO will show you a stage as big as your ability nevertheless of your seniority and background. Under the various scientific payment system, you will feel the payment is really worth to your hard work.
  ZOTO believes,Enterprise makes Team, Team make
s talent, and Talent achieves our enterprise.

Domestic Business Department
Tel:0536-3236398 013964662398 
E-mail:[email protected]
linkman:Hai Zhang
Foreign Trade Department
Fax:0086-(0)536-5196001 5234675
E-mail:[email protected]
linkman: XiangQian Liu
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